We’re reinventing fitness

PureActive are committed to providing men & women of all ages and fitness levels with natural supplements for whatever lifestyle they choose.

We always use carefully selected ingredients and combine them in the optimum combination for any kind of activity: from yoga and pilates to rock climbing and HIIT. This way you can be sure you are using the finest supplements that help you towards your personal goals.

Health & Happiness

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by making sure that you have everything you need for a happier, healthier you.

Focus on What Matters

We make maintaining a healthy life easier so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our delicious blends of finest ingredients are optimised to work in perfect harmony with your body.

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Great Workout Boost

"I've been a gym rat for over 30 years and consequently tried lots of pre-workout drinks. I feel that the most beneficial drinks are those that make my scalp and skin tingle (usually within 30 mins of taking it) .. this drink does that .. and for the first time in years I cycle 5 miles to and from the gym .. with ease and in good time. Something's working for me .. I highly recommend giving it a try."


I see the difference!

"For the first time, I decided to try a pre workout. I won't change it.
I enjoy more my body pump class and I can push my limits further.
I have not experienced any side effects so far.
It's definitely recommended!"

Danilo Di G.

Great zero calorie preworkout

"What a pleasant surprise! This is great preworkout for me as it really gives me a boost and it has zero calories so it doesn't interfere with my intermittent fasting! I also love that its sweet but tangy rather than super sweet like a lot of preworkout are. I can't workout without this - it's really helped push me especially on cold mornings when I'm feeling sleepy and stiff!"

Helen pang

Excellent results

"This product is easy to mix and tastes great. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I can say it has definitely improved my workouts! The tingling feels a bit bizarre at first when it kicks in, but you get used to it. The best thing about this is not feeling a crash after the workout. I totally recommend this pre workout powder."


Wakes you up!

"I use this product to wake up and keep me focussed at work, like an energy drink I don't have to feel guilty about."

Ellen C

Love it!

"I love this! It tastes great, dissolves in water really well and I can feel the difference when I take it before a workout! Will order again!"

Ashleigh Smith


“I have a physically demanding job, but enjoy going to the gym in the mornings. This gives me enough energy for both.”

Diane C

Get that extra boost when u need it most

"Excellent product gave me that extra boost of energy and great tasting too."

Amazon Customer

Great stuff

"Better than i could imagine, i can stay in the gym for at least one and a half hours, i could never do that before, no side effects what so ever, tastes amazing, i was trying to lose weight so long, but now i fell that i can actually do that, if u need energy to work out (and i hate working out) i recommend it 200%"


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